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Fruit in the Night

Fruit in the Night

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13" w X 29" h

Fruit in the Night begins with the natural sandy rough tan of raw jute looping as the wind swirls low around the ground. Sage and dusty juniper greens brighten as fresh growth moves up into ochre and chartreuse greens where bright buds of prickly pear fruit in every color of hot pink, salmon, and magenta catch moonlight reflections in the black of night. 

Fiber Art Modern Organic Geometric Tapestry Hanging Wall Decor

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Friendly disclaimer from a chromatically obsessed artist who wants you to be happy: Color tones may appear differently on various screens and in varying lighting. Fall in love with the fibrework and consider the provided description, rather than marry the exact shades presented on your computer, phone, tablet, etc. Trust that each piece is even more enchanting in real life.

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