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Hot Sand Diptych

Hot Sand Diptych

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20" w X 17" h

Hot Sand takes the color of Campari to mystical lands where vibrant coral reds and pinks flung from the sun mix into calmer nutmeg and pale persimmon, together alchemizing into burnt black mountains like onyx continuing to both absorb and reflect the sun's blaze; pure white and cream rolling through the sky provide our only respite.

Two weavings created simultaneously while remaining disconnected. They are sisters surviving in a crazy land, living with heat of transformation like the mountains absorbing the energy of the nourishing sun and giving it back to the world around.  Each piece a work of art complete in its own right, but notably more impressive when considered how intentionally they are made to match together, line by line, lifetime by lifetime. 

Fiber Art Modern Organic Geometric Tapestry Hanging Wall Decor

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Friendly disclaimer from a chromatically obsessed artist who wants you to be happy: Color tones may appear differently on various screens and in varying lighting. Fall in love with the fibrework and consider the provided description, rather than marry the exact shades presented on your computer, phone, tablet, etc. Trust that each piece is even more enchanting in real life.

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